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"Let's start with we had a ball! Glen was great! Knowledgeable, funny and truly passinate about his city. This was a family trip with my wife, (7 yr Old) son, brother & mother-n-law. Can't say enough about how much fun the tour was. Will be going again."

Trip Advisor review

"Glen was great! Extremely knowledgeable & passionate about New Orleans. Learned a ton about the city & we are ready to visit again to see more! Don’t waste time with big group tours...spend the $ & book Glen. He was a funny guy too! Enjoy"

Yelp review

I had the pleasure of being in New Orleans again after several years. We always stay close to the French Quarters. We love the food and atmosphere, it is hard to beat. This time though, we wanted to see a few more of the sights. We have never seen the old mansions and the neighborhoods. We also wanted to see the cemeteries. I thought a private tour would be best. I found Mr. Henley's site on Yelp. He had one review. I was nervous. So I did more research. I came back to him the next night. He had exactly what I wanted. I texted him. I received an immediate response and he was available. We arranged a tour the next day. Glen Henley is sooo knowledgeable and amenable. I told him what we wanted and he adjusted the tour to meet our needs. We started out at the visitors center and he reviewed a map of the city including a nice history of the area. How the city was built describing the pumping stations and canals and estuaries. He answered all our questions fully. Then he took us around to the parishes. He showed us the areas that were flooded during Katrina. He described the clean up and the people. He discussed how people all over the world came to help with the clean up. He became tearful thinking about the hardships of his city. He told us that the people of New Orleans are bound together by their home. They are not torn apart by prejudice. Mr. Henley gave us a deeper understanding of New Orleans that we could never have gotten from a big bus tour. And yes we saw everything we wanted to see. But this time we felt New Orleans. We saw the neighborhoods and the people. Thank you Glen Henley for sharing the love of your city with us. We will be forever grateful to you. Time and money very well spent.

 *  "Glen was hilarious, friendly, and very professional. Thanks!

*  "Above and Beyond"

*  "Appreciate you Mr. Glen!"