Whether you see the wetlands, the mansions, the cemeries, the lake, the Katrina neighborhoods, or the river, we promise to inform and

entertain you along the way.

About Us

Having been a licensed tour guide in the New Orleans area since 2012, and lived in the area all of my life, I decided that I wanted to start my own tour business in 2016 and specialize in custom private driving tours. Since the majority of the visitors that visit here spend the most of their time in the French Quarter, it is my mission and passion the show my guests the rest of this beautiful city.


Are you looking for a unique, fun, and memorable private driving tour in New Orleans?  At Henley’s Private Tours, we show you areas of New Orleans you won’t find with any other tour service.  

New Orleans is a unique and iconic city. It’s known for having amazing food and music, but it also has major history. The city features several stunning, extraordinary landmarks bearing great back stories about their pasts.  For example, we have an amazing lake (Lake Pontchartrain) that borders our city to the north, which we call the “Wow” factor. This is because once our guests witness it, they’ll often say, “Wow.”  It has many unique characteristics: it’s home to a world record-breaking bridge (the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway), and it’s also the second-largest inland saltwater lake in the United States, it's a must to see.

During our private driving tours in New Orleans, we spend a minimum of 3 hours driving through the city and exploring many unique, iconic, and beautiful sites. We discuss with our guests how this area was built and how we currently handle things, such as our economy, in this great city 300 years later. We cover the rich history behind the beauty, recent developments, wealth, Civil War history, Cajun and Creole cultures and so much more. 

We care about your experience. For this reason, we make it our mission to provide you with the best tour New Orleans has to offer. You won’t find any other tour quite as informative, unique, detailed, and enjoyable as the one we provide at Henley’s Private Tours. (We promise you will laugh and learn.) 

See why Henley’s Private Tours has so many five-star ratings with TripAdvisor, Viator, and Yelp and why some of the largest hotels in the area recommend us to their guests. We have created a tour that’s private, personalized, passionate, and nothing less than an excellent, and a customized tour for you.  

Begin your journey through this beautiful city the right way by calling 504-352-8161 or e-mailing henglenley@gmail.com to set up your custom, private driving tour in New Orleans. 

My name is Glen Henley and I have created a tour that is personalized and will never be anything but a small custom tour so my guests will to be able to ask questions and have a good time during the tour. Come join me for a tour and see why we love this amazing city we call “The Big Easy” and “The Crescent City”. See y’all soon.

Mr. Glen also nicknamed the “The Eagle”. (See if you can guess why)