New Orleans Custom Private Tours

"Henley's Private Tours" listing of typically included:

 Tour of the French Quarter (Then and now) (15 mins)

Aerial map of city at Basin Street Station (Explain: History of area, flooding, Katrina, River, many landmarks and where we go.) (25 mins)

History of the Cajun and Creole cultures of Louisiana (15 mins)

Tour and walk thru an iconic cemetery (must see) (20 mins)

Drive thru City Park and see Live Oak Trees (eat Beignets?) ( 30 mins)

Drive by Lake Pontchartrain (The Wow factor!) (20 mins)

Tour the Garden District and Mansions (Stories & History) (30 mins)

See the unique Neighborhoods and Architecture (above)

Katrina affected areas (When, How, and today) (30 mins - extra)

History of Mississippi River's importance then and now (port) (10 mins)

History of Mardi Gras  and other festivals in NOLA (10 mins)

Many more interesting facts and landmarks.  (30 mins)

I promise you will laugh and learn.!!  :) (Best pricing too)

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