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"It’s not what I say about myself, it’s what others say about me that counts.”

 Glen Henley

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Glen Henley is known as one of the most knowledgeable tour guides in Louisiana and the New Orleans area. When you book a tour with Henley's Private Tours you are getting the best experience available. See Y'all soon.

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We have many reviews on world wide travel sites. Book with us and don’t pay until after the tour. “We can’t wait to exceed your expectations.”

Flat Rate Pricing

The tour is a flat fee for up to 7 people in your group
and only your group.
$130.0 per hour for 1st 3 hours.
$100.0 per hour for more time
if needed.
(Minimum is 3 hours,
for a typical city tour.)

Best Driving Tour

This New Orleans City wide tour is safe, relaxing, and is just for your group. On this personalized driving tour you will see and hear about the: Mississippi River, Historic French Quarter, Iconic Cemeteries, Lake Pontchartrain, flood control, Garden District, Mansions, architecture, live oak trees, Catholic church influence, Cajun and Creole cultures, our food, our music and much more.

“We guarantee you will laugh and learn.”

It’s not what I say about myself, it’s what others say about me that counts.”


TripAdvisor review:

Our tour with Glen was wonderful! He is kind, communicates well with his guests, and really knows his stuff about NOLA. We learned a lot about the things that make NOLA what it is today and why it’s a special place. You will be able to tell instantly that Glen genuinely loves his job. He loves people and he will make sure you are comfortable and have a good time. A few highlights for us was Cafe Du Monde, seeing the architecture through the Garden District, and learning about the cultures that make up NOLA. You’ll really make some memories if you book a tour with Glen, and also you will gain a new friend! Thank you, Glen!


TripAdvisor review:

It is hard to say which part of the tour was our favorite. We loved the tour from start to finish! He took us through the French Quarter, to Cafe du Monde for beignets and coffee, to St. Louis Cemetery #3, City Park, Lake Pontchartrain, and throughout the Garden district to see the “house floats” and the beautiful homes. We finished off the tour with a stop for ice cream. Glen was so knowledgeable about all things NOLA. He made sure our every need was taken care of, as well as teaching us so much about the history of New Orleans.


TripAdvisor review:

Glen was awesome, he spent time before our trip helping us plan our custom tour which included visiting Laura Plantation, Oak Alley, Garden District, and the French Quarter and more.
We were impressed by his extensive knowledge and enjoyed his ‘Dad Jokes’.
Glen is a good man, you can trust him, and his prices were more than fair!

Thanks Glen, all the best to you, God Bless!
~Tony & Tracey M of CT


TripAdvisor review:

we took this tour on a Sunday and could not have been happier. I personally have taken over 20 private tours all over the world and none where better than this one. Mr Henley is a 45 year resident who loves his home and he takes the time and has the expertise to share that with you. You can do your homework and tell him where you would like to go or let him show you or a combination of both. We were two couples who travel together and we all felt the same. By all means have him take you to his favorite eating places and get the best local food and deserts.

Great Sites You'll Explore With Henley's Private Tours In New Orleans

TOP Tour Destinations Around New Orleans

St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans

Tour Historic New Orleans Cemeteries


See why we bury our citizens the way we do with a tour of one of our largest cemeteries. A must see!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Loyola Campus Tour


Such a beautiful campus and next door to one of the most recognized universities in the U.S.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazz-artist Statue

Jazz Artist History Tour


N’awlins best were Fats Domino, Al Hurt and Pete Fountain.  We’ll have suggestions of where to go to hear great Jazz.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Katrina History

Katrina Flooding Tour


The incredible flooding and why this storm was the worst natural disaster in the history of the U.S.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Garden District Tour


We’ll see some incredibly beautiful mansions, and hear the history and back stories about many of them. The diverse architecture is incredible.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Henley’s Private Tours - The New Orleans Custom Tour Experience

Let us help you experience such areas as the Garden District, our iconic cemeteries, the live oak trees, beignets, amazing plantation tours, experienced swamp tours and so much more. If you’re looking to set up a custom tour, no problem! At Henley’s Private Tours, we bring you on a journey through different parts of New Orleans you never knew existed. Let us educate you on the history of one of the most iconic cities in the U.S.  You will laugh, learn, and have so much fun.  Our private tours in New Orleans are customized for your group, and we never combine groups.  The intimate atmosphere allows you to ask questions and get a deeper experience.


Choose Us?

We’re involved with the tour every step of the way. At Henley’s Private Tours, we want to ensure that each individual gets a personalized, custom, and unique tour. Your experience matters to us. If you would like to design a customized tour of New Orleans, we are more than happy to accommodate any size group.


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